It has become a habit to listen to the orders of death
When there was a knock on the door, there’s a goose-bump.
Fear of interment and requiem is all gone from the heart...!!

What to say, when will this time end?
But whenever it will happen, the beginning will be new, it will be beginning of new era!!

The fragrance will smell, the spring will be back again
Flowers will blossom in the garden, new pods will bloom!!

I am waiting for the day when everything will be good
Fear would end in people's heart; there won’t be worry for bread, no fear of breathing!!

Faces won’t be hidden behind masks, like thieves
There won’t roars; any hue and cries and tears in eyes looking through the mask!!

People's laughter will come back; the time that seems to be sullen will come back
There will be a message of happiness all around!!

We will bring that moment of happiness to our world again
Spring will come again, our world will shine again!!

Spring will come again, our world will shine again!!