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Nothing much to say about. I started writing when I was a kid without understanding anything whatever used to come in my heart; I started it penning down. Now, feel to let it be known to all, so everyone can read it and feel the emotions which keep churning in heart. Namaskar !!...
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  • The Ink Of Time
    Pen, ink and ink-pot has a unique relationship
    Ink-pot is incomplete without ink
    And pen without ink has no value!
  • ′′final Destination′′
    The journey from mother's lap to father's shoulders seems very pleasant
    The burden of the son's coffin on the old shoulders and the burden of the father's coffin on the young shoulders seems very heavy!

    Lucky are those who have got parents, this is the result of good deeds ...
  • "fragrance"
    The fragrance of roses blossomed in the forests of oblivion
    What a fragrance that we forgot the whole world!

    She looking at my through corner of her eyes, my heart fluttered ...
  • "laugh"
    Have a laugh friend!

    Life is cruel
    Laugh for a few moments, friend! ...
  • Looking For! I'm Looking For My Nest!
    Don't know what has happened to this world
    Seems like everyone has lost their conscience somewhere!

    I am a bird, Once I used to fly without fear ...
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