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Nothing much to say about. I started writing when I was a kid without understanding anything whatever used to come in my heart; I started it penning down. Now, feel to let it be known to all, so everyone can read it and feel the emotions which keep churning in heart. Namaskar !!...
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  • Ray Of Hope
    It has become a habit to listen to the orders of death
    When there was a knock on the door, there’s a goose-bump.
    Fear of interment and requiem is all gone from the heart...!!
  • O Mother, Why Are You Silent?
    O mother, O mother, why are you silent?
    Society is silent, person less
    Ethics have been lost, people have become inhuman.
    Shamelessness makes noise ...
  • Tenacity Of Mother
    There’s no pilgrimage like mother,
    Know thy Mother's glory,
    Never hurt a mother,
    Gain some sense O’ foolish, it’s time thy know her girt! ...
  • "silence"
    What has happened to my city
    Silent streets are filled with sadness
    Where people used to appear once
    There are shadows of the dead..! ...
  • Wind Pipe
    There are few people in my country
    Who are day and night worrying for saving the breath of people!

    Some are those who put their all at stake ...
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