Pen, ink and ink-pot has a unique relationship
Ink-pot is incomplete without ink
And pen without ink has no value!

This unique relationship has a strange story
Can't be written without ink
There are some words those are unseen!

The ink left some marks on the age sheet
Ink left some marks on the age sheet...
For the readers to have a look
These lines of wrinkles are engraved on blank face paper by "ink of time"!

Light of youth gets lost in the dark streets
An unknown age has suffered many wounds of time's slaps
Those dark streets have their own story
Everyone has an excuse not to listen to!

Cherish the experiences of ageing with burning enthusiasm
I have seen time hanging on the wall
The echo of hours can be heard in a few moments
Time has changed just under this care!

Every moment is lost..
Every moment I lost someone in front of my eyes close to me
To get lost in the ink of time
Every moment to come will be immersed in the "ink of time"
Time passes by in this view!