Yogesh V Nayyar Quotes

“Child is the ‘youth’ to be the ‘future’ of a nation. ‘Youth’ and ‘Nation’ are reciprocal to each other”

Beg, borrow, steal may be the policy of people. But; nonetheless, world is full of people who don't follow the above principle. A true honest man would always part away things with others who are more needy and always be a kind hearted person to share the misery and curtail ones torments of life. Be generous...be kind...for everyone is human! Life is one time opportunity!

“Being endowed with power gets more responsibility to preserve, safeguard and betterment. Failure of exercising powers judiciously proves the system to be savage”

Time is money! "Don't scratch your brains for what do people think of you neither bang your head against the wall. Let it be their forte to keep scratching the head and bang their heads against the wall".

3D's of success... Dedication, Devotion, Drudgery !!

"Thrones are not always meant for Kings. Sometimes; they are meant for Queens to have the King under her and feel the energy emanating."

"A meaningless life with no aim, moto and goals is like 'Thrash in dustbin'".

"Inventions take place when there's a discussion and interaction with understanding to develop. 'Not by debates'. Cause debates never lead to inventions but to destruction".

Man without a pen is Man without a sword!!!

Never argue with anyone. Never argue with a person who always think you are wrong. Always walk alone as no one would walk with you with your speed. Not always everyone would have the same thinking what you have. Not everything will always look to sunshine.

Language is a mode of communication. But expression never need a language!

When truth looses it's value Its end to everything!!

In a country where there are emergency situations, if the plea of people does not reach the ears of the king of that country. There is only anarchy that flourishes...!!

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