To The Clouds Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Army of Clouds ye winged Hosts in troopsA
Ascending from behind the motionless browB
Of that tall rock as from a hidden worldC
Oh whither with such eagerness of speedD
What seek ye or what shun ye of the galeE
Companions fear ye to be left behindF
Or racing o'er your blue ethereal fieldG
Contend ye with each other of the seaH
Children thus post ye over vale and heightI
To sink upon your's mother's lap and restJ
Or were ye rightlier hailed when first mine eyesK
Beheld in your impetuous march the likenessL
Of a wide army pressing on to meetM
Or overtake some unknown enemyH
But your smooth motions suit a peaceful aimN
And Fancy not less aptly pleased comparesO
Your squadrons to an endless flight of birdsP
Aerial upon due migration boundQ
To milder climes or rather do ye urgeR
In caravan your hasty pilgrimageS
To pause at last on more aspiring heightsT
Than these and utter your devotion thereU
With thunderous voice Or are ye jubilantV
And would ye tracking your proud lord the SunW
Be present at his setting or the pompX
Of Persian mornings would ye fill and standY
Poising your splendours high above the headsZ
Of worshipers kneeling to their up risen GodA2
Whence whence ye Clouds this eagerness of speedD
Speak silent creatures They are gone are fledB2
Buried together in yon gloomy massC2
That loads the middle heaven and clear and brightI
And vacant doth the region which they throngedD2
Appear a calm descent of sky conductingE2
Down to the unapproachable abyssF2
Down to that hidden gulf from which they roseG2
To vanish fleet as days and months and yearsH2
Fleet as the generations of mankindF
Power glory empire as the world itselfI2
The lingering world when time hath ceased to beH
But the winds roar shaking the rooted treesJ2
And see a bright precursor to a trainK2
Perchance as numerous overpeers the rockL2
That sullenly refuses to partakeM2
Of the wild impulse From a fount of lifeN2
Invisible the long procession movesO2
Luminous or gloomy welcome to the valeE
Which they are entering welcome to mine eyeP2
That sees them to my soul that owns in themQ2
And in the bosom of the firmamentF
O'er which they move wherein they are containedF
A type of her capacious self and allR2
Her restless progenyH
A humble walkS2
Here is my body doomed to tread this pathT2
A little hoary line and faintly tracedF
Work shall we call it of the shepherd's footF
Or of his flock joint vestige of them bothU2
I pace it unrepining for my thoughtsV2
Admit no bondage and my words have wingsW2
Where is the Orphean lyre or Druid harpX2
To accompany the verse The mountain blastF
Shall be our 'hand' of music he shall sweepY2
The rocks and quivering trees and billowy lakeM2
And search the fibres of the caves and theyZ2
Shall answer for our song is of the CloudsA3
And the wind loves them and the gentle galesB3
Which by their aid re clothe the naked lawnC3
With annual verdure and revive the woodsD3
And moisten the parched lips of thirsty flowersE3
Love them and every idle breeze of airU
Bends to the favourite burthen Moon and starsF3
Keep their most solemn vigils when the CloudsA3
Watch also shifting peaceably their placeG3
Like bands of ministering Spirits or when they lieP2
As if some Protean art the change had wroughtF
In listless quiet o'er the ethereal deepY2
Scattered a Cyclades of various shapesH3
And all degrees of beauty O ye LightningsW2
Ye are their perilous offspring and the SunW
Source inexhaustible of life and joyI3
And type of man's far darting reason thereforeJ3
In old time worshiped as the god of verseK3
A blazing intellectual deityH
Loves his own glory in their looks and showersE3
Upon that unsubstantial brotherhoodF
Visions with all but beatific lightF
Enriched too transient were they not renewedF
From age to age and did not while we gazeL3
In silent rapture credulous desireM3
Nourish the hope that memory lacks not powerM3
To keep the treasure unimpaired Vain thoughtF
Yet why repine created as we areN3
For joy and rest albeit to find them onlyH
Lodged in the bosom of eternal thingsW2

William Wordsworth


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