The Black Stones Of Iona Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Here on their knees men swore the stones were blackA
Black in the people's minds and words yet theyB
Were at that time as now in colour greyB
But what is colour if upon the rackA
Of conscience souls are placed by deeds that lackA
Concord with oaths What differ night and dayB
Then when before the Perjured on his wayB
Hell opens and the heavens in vengeance crackA
Above his head uplifted in vain prayerC
To Saint or Fiend or to the Godhead whomD
He had insulted Peasant King or ThaneE
Fly where the culprit may guilt meets a doomD
And from invisible worlds at need laid bareC
Come links for social order's awful chainE

William Wordsworth


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