The Divine Image Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


To Mercy Pity Peace and LoveA
All pray in their distressB
And to these virtues of delightC
Return their thankfulnessB
For Mercy Pity Peace and LoveA
Is God our Father dearD
And Mercy Pity Peace and LoveA
Is Man his child and careE
For Mercy has a human heartF
Pity a human faceB
And Love the human form divineG
And Peace the human dressB
Then every man of every climeH
That prays in his distressB
Prays to the human form divineG
Love Mercy Pity PeaceB
And all must love the human formH
In heathen Turk or jewI
Where Mercy Love and Pity dwellJ
There God is dwelling tooI

William Blake


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