If there's anything I'd love to make,
Is give you a kiss before you wake,
And that is 'till your hair turns grey!
Make me your Adam and I'd reach you before the snake,
As my rib I'd be guilty of all mistakes you make,
Because I'd surprise the sun with you as my Hay!
You know there's nothing else I'd say,
Apart from keeping all admirers away,
I've always been dreaming of you,
And I'll be there for you,
Because I'm here to stay!
I swear there's no any other way,
They'd try to take my love astray,
I'm stuck on you,
It's always about you,
Because I'm here to stay!
Just in case you take your leave and go,
You'd find me in your destination you know,
I've learned all pleasure comes from pain,
I'll put my foot in every step, wherever you go,
The sky is the farthest point so far they know,
But to reach you they'd need more than a plane,