When night falls I know am in it,
So many hours with sleepless episodes,
I took the risk now imma face it,
One thing I know, that's how we grow,
There's that point in life where you can't fake it,
You hold it but it slips through the fingers in a row,
Your savior today, tomorrow is your bandit,
Don't let yourself deceived by the glow,
Now I sound like a psycho,
I gave you all and you gave me a reason to go,
You could have manifested when I thought I needed you,
Whenever I missed you,you said you miss me too,
When I said love-you/">I love you,you said you love me too,
I didn't know it's a tradition people do,
It's hard to convince the heart what the mind already knows,
It's hard to let go but what do I do when it's the remaining dose,
Only if I had an antidote to take me to who I was,