Waverly Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Late when the Autumn evening fellA
On Mirkwood Mere's romantic dellA
The lake return'd in chasten'd gleamB
The purple cloud the golden beamB
Reflected in the crystal poolC
Headland and bank lay fair and coolC
The weather tinted rock and towerD
Each drooping tree each fairy flowerD
So true so soft the mirror gaveE
As if there lay beneath the waveE
Secure from trouble toil and careF
A world than earthly world more fairF
But distant winds began to wakeG
And roused the Genius of the LakeG
He heard the groaning of the oakH
And donn'd at once his sable cloakH
As warrior at the battle cryI
Invests him with his panoplyJ
Then as the whirlwind nearer press'dK
He 'gan to shake his foamy crestK
O'er furrow'd brow and blacken'd cheekL
And bade his surge in thunder speakL
In wild and broken eddies whirl'dM
Flitted that fond ideal worldM
And to the shore in tumult tostM
The realms of fairy bliss were lostM
Yet with a stern delight and strangeN
I saw the spirit stirring changeN
As warr'd the wind with wave and woodM
Upon the ruin'd tower I stoodM
And felt my heart more strongly boundM
Responsive to the lofty soundM
While joying in the mighty roarO
I mourn'd that tranquil scene no moreO
So on the idle dreams of youthP
Breaks the loud trumpet call of truthP
Bids each fair vision pass awayQ
Like landscape on the lake that layQ
As fair as flitting and as frailR
As that which fled the Autumn galeR
For ever dead to fancy's eyeI
Be each gay form that glided byI
While dreams of love and lady's charmsS
Give place to honour and to armsS

Walter Scott (sir)


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