The Resolve Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


In Imitation of An Old English PoemA
My wayward fate I needs must plainB
Though bootless be the themeC
I loved and was beloved againD
Yet all was but a dreamC
For a her love was quickly gotE
So it was quickly goneF
No more I'll bask in flame so hotE
But coldly dwell aloneG
Not maid more bright than maid was e'erH
My fancy shall beguileI
By flattering word or feigned tearJ
By gesture look or smileI
No more I'll call the shaft fair shotE
Till it has fairly flownG
Nor scorch me at a flame so hotE
I'll rather freeze aloneG
Each ambush'd Cupid I'll defyK
In cheek or chin or browL
And deem the glance of woman's eyeK
As weak as woman's vowL
I'll lightly hold the lady's heartM
That is but lightly wonN
I'll steel my breast to beauty's artM
And learn to live aloneG
The flaunting torch soon blazes outO
The diamond's ray abidesP
The flame its glory hurls aboutO
The gem its lustre hidesP
Such gem I fondly deem'd was mineQ
And glow'd a diamond stoneG
But since each eye may see it shineQ
I'll darkling dwell aloneG
No waking dream shall tinge my thoughtR
With dyes so bright and vainB
No silken net so slightly wroughtR
Shall tangle me againD
No more I'll pay so dear for witS
I'll live upon mine ownG
Nor shall wild passion trouble itS
I'll rather dwell aloneG
And thus I'll hush my heart to restT
Thy loving labour's lostU
Thou shalt no more be wildly blestT
To be so strangely crostT
The widow'd turtles mateless dieT
The phoenix is but oneN
They seek no loves no more will IT
I'll rather dwell aloneG

Walter Scott (sir)


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