Gathering Song Of Donald The Black Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Pibroch of Donuil DhuA
Pibroch of DonuilB
Wake thy wild voice anewC
Summon Clan ConuilB
Come away come awayD
Hark to the summonsE
Come in your war arrayD
Gentles and commonsE
Come from deep glen andF
From mountain so rockyG
The war pipe and pennonC
Are at InverlockyG
Come every hill plaid andF
True heart that wears oneC
Come every steel blade andF
Strong hand that bears oneC
Leave untended the herdH
The flock without shelterI
Leave the corpse uninterr'dH
The bride at the altarI
Leave the deer leave the steerJ
Leave nets and bargesK
Come with your fighting gearJ
Broadswords and targesK
Come as the winds come whenC
Forests are rendedH
Come as the waves come whenC
Navies are strandedH
Faster come faster comeL
Faster and fasterI
Chief vassal page and groomM
Tenant and masterI
Fast they come fast they comeL
See how they gatherI
Wide waves the eagle plumeM
Blended with heatherI
Cast your plaids draw your bladesK
Forward each man setH
Pibroch of Donuil DhuA
Knell for the onsetH

Walter Scott (sir)


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