It's about the last night, last night of January
It's about the long alone night of journey
It's about the “goodbye” the end one
It's about leaving a place behind
Yes it's not that's easy, to leave

Leaving a place is like leaving a part of yours behind
Leaving those weeping eyes of your loved one's
Leaving your old times behind your back
Leaving everything behind you, yeah that's not that much easy to say “goodbye”

Blear roads, dim lights of running traffic
Blear eyes of all those voyagers
Blear bit memories of my old days
Holds everything blear more blear and more
Until it fade away.

You're not here,
you're no more here with me.
I lost the reason behind my blithe, behind my lives
I am alone, afraid and full of insecurities,

But I do believe ;
Not today
Not tomorrow
But someday
I'll be here with you,
I'll be here with my everything
I'll be here with the one and only mine
I'll be here to smell the sounds of happiness

I know, I'm cursed
I'm cursed with many misfortunes
Cursed to being apart from you
Cursed to being not enough for you
Cursed to being what IAM
Cursed to not the person people expect