I am done with my life
I'm not able to live it the way I used to
Now I'm just surviving it
Now I have learned to be alone
Now I have learned to be strong
Just learned to be patient now
That's what I always listened from him

Cold weather, empty green park
Long alone walking track of it
Long, deep and old trees whispering
Slow breezing blow, after a long day
Nature started healing itself
After the nature killers left
After the hot day end
Coldness capture it
healed nature


Left a creature unhealed
Left an empty person alone here
Left a wounded soul in gloom again
And none asked him about his long journey
About his empty heart, broken soul and tired body
I rush there to help him.

Today after ages I asked him again
What are you looking for ??
Why you always Rush here ??
Why are you sad ?
I'M NOT SAD He replied (angrily I felt)
When you are coming home again, I asked
I DON'T KNOW He replied (rudely according to me)
Why are you wasting yourself ?? I asked
Talk to you later take care He said
Again after ages I scolded myself.

You'll never ever be able to understand my pain
You know why ?? I heard this
have you ever face the departure of a loved one?
Have you ever cried for the one whom you love ?
Have you ever counted your days so for ?
Have you ever seen your broken pieces ?
Have you ever prayed for the end of yourself ?
Ever ???
No! Right ?
That's why I'M Guaranteeing you, you are not even able to realize the pain I'm living with for 2 years.

After he completed I whispered slowly
You are crying for a person ?
I am laughing even I don't have anyone to cry for.
You are sad for the reason you lost the loved one?
I smiled over every departure so far
You are living the hope of end life ??
I am living the completed days of my life from ages
But have never tortured my soul!

I am done with crying !
IAM sick of crying for such things
I'm done doing morn over temporary things
I'm done with empty sadness
So I found the best way to cope with such things.

The only way is to talk to Him(the Allah alone)
The way is to stop worrying about the things you can't control
The way is to make yourself aware of such dreams
The ways is to be in the control of Allah only
The way is to be independent of all temporary boundaries
The way is Do not depend on anyone except Allah
And I left

I hope someday not today not tomorrow
But someday, Yeah someday
He will definitely be able to understand,
To find out, to label the situations
The way he deals will be changed
The way he is living will be changed
UFF want to seem him that day
Want to see him living for two
The forlorn (Him) and him