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My self uzma Parveen I'm from Pakistan currently studying psychology .....
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  • Striving For Inner Peace
    I am done with my life
    I'm not able to live it the way I used to
    Now I'm just surviving it
    Now I have learned to be alone ...
  • Heart To Heart
    The day we met, felt like a magic
    The day I saw him, I fell in love
    I realized the love in my heart for him,
    I realized the gap in my heart to see him ...
  • Last Night
    It's about the last night, last night of January
    It's about the long alone night of journey
    It's about the “goodbye” the end one
    It's about leaving a place behind ...
  • Dying Wish
    Wish, the last wish
    At the bed of life
    Toward the end of my life
    At the final gasp of mine ...
  • Me The All Alone
    Unfilled, desolate and dull room drives me to sadness

    Half spoken and half implicit words, counterfeit grins
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