Uzma Parveen Poems

  • 1.
    It's about the last night, last night of January
    It's about the long alone night of journey
    It's about the “goodbye” the end one
    It's about leaving a place behind
  • 2.
    Wish, the last wish
    At the bed of life
    Toward the end of my life
    At the final gasp of mine
  • 3.
    Unfilled, desolate and dull room drives me to sadness

    Half spoken and half implicit words, counterfeit grins

  • 4.
    Her undefeated soul gets exhausted ,
    Her gratis thoughts makes her feel exhausted,
    She being what she is not is making her feel exhausted,
    Her forever people making her exhausted every day.
  • 5.
    Being real is the biggest challenge nowadays
    Identify real is even more difficult than being real
    To be what you are is impossible these days
    You can't act according to your will
  • 6.
    Dark night pouring dark rays
    In the mid of October
    Stars shinning while sitting with me,
    I was staring at the window of .
  • 7.
    Passing fake smiles
    Bury your inner fears
    Concealing your deep wounds
    Disguising yourself behind the
  • 8.
    The deep down inside
    Every individual may have
    Broken pieces of their
    Own life perfection
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