This is your lovely prey
Your most dearly DNA
Look, I'm right here today
Just listen to what I say
Then decide to go or stay

Listen up, My vulture
Tell me, why all the torture
listen, I've always told'ya
'Get down from my F* Altar

Look at this endless Pain
You Break me up again and again
Just like Russia to Ukraine
You make me bloodstain

Those days of endless struggle
You keep biting my heart like an apple
I keep loosing myself in your battle
Smoking became New natural

Little energy, then I stay in Bed
Indistinct voice inside my head
I swear, I wish I was just Dead
But I can't, You Just take a lead

Dear, I've got enough of this
please,Just leave me in peace
it's too much please,Decrease
Make All this pain Decease
and Bring back my every single piece