I came across three women on my way out to check on a friend yesterday, standing by the road side near St.Michael's Catholic church Yagba.
Definitely they are active church members.
They stood and were discussing in Ernest and in a loud tone that one passing by can easily hear them.
They spoke of a dead person whom I don't know. Whoever he/she was I think he/she has done bad to this women that they cannot forgive even in death.
One spoke With joy saying, the deceased must taste the darkness of the grave with no escape.
She said this bitterly by demonstrating and pointing downward where the dead will remain and get rotten, while the other two gave her back up in the same tone.

I tried to Imagine what pains the deceased has caused among these church women to earn such a loud unforgiveness But couldn't.
Even when I got very close to them, none bothered as they continue lashing curses on the lifeless.
Then I stood for a few seconds and said in my mind. Between they and I, I see no righteous one, not to talk of the dead. Yet We all are looked upon with mercies in the eyes of Divinity amidst our blemish nature.

Then, I left my way with thoughts running in my mind.

We should be mindful of the way we live and treat others. After here, there's a world promised by the holy book and a legacy to leave behind.
Lessons for the next generation.
A way to be emulated by others.
In between, I think we easily talk of things, forgiveness inclusive. But to be sure, it is confirmed when one wrongs us. And it takes two to fight.
You forgive the next person and do yourself good by having peace of mind.
I know the things we say are easily said than done but can we at least try to see that our positive words are backed up with actions?

Tomorrow I believe those women or either me or you will be at the church and before a word is said, Divinity opens His arms of forgiveness to embrace those truely searching.
Why not us?