His call came in during early hours
In last semester
When I was going through some stuff
That made me lose interest in what really matters. That's my studies

Hey! Justino how far, he asked
Fine, I replied
You are not, I have not seen you for quite some days now.
What's really wrong man., He asked
Then I told him I was going through some challenges.
Then he smiled and said slowly but with confidence.
You are living a good life my friend.
You see every successful person you see today are those who had lots of troubles in their life but fought to the very end for victory, He said.
And ended that he's happy that I am going through the experience I shared with him at a tender age, that before I made fully a man, these inevitable troubles will be the driving force.
I was consoled after his words but couldn't understand deep what he really mean.
But with the little I have seen, today I feel like I am here just to overcome or be a looser.

And until it ends, never give up.
There's always hope
Either in the rising and falling of the sun
In the eyes of family, friend,lover
Or even in the rise and fall of the sea tides.
Just look around. I believe there's always a way out.