I was roaming in the streets of turmoil
Sauntering in the labyrinth of falsehood
Nestled in the feminine cloaks of hood-rats
When I suddenly stopped, in response to a voice
‘Stop’, she whined, tenderly from behind

I turned to gawk, but I saw no one on my rear
'You must be wishing', I teased my thinking
Hoisting my left leg to continue striding
And lo, she called once again
This time more audible and unmistakable

I was exhausted of serial hurters
Such as who went on heart-breaking sprees
And had sworn never to love again
But the voice was insinuating otherwise
Unique, but familiarly strange

As I turned to chirp this time around
My optics landed on the most glamorous face
She had a blue hoodie jacket on
Written SHARLENE in uppercase
Her name declaring Liberty to myself

As our eyes met, I realized it was time
Time for a new quirk, a new jump
I stretched my arms and she smiled like a chap
A smile that went clean to my marrow
And my eyes shut in their own furrow

Relinquished in real-time image-nation,
I began to draw the future closer
And I woke up to the soothing of her soft skin
Her voice telling me the only thing I wanted to hear
I love you, and because of you I am here

Yea, it was a dream
A dream so real
That the following day I wrote a note
She complied, and the dream came to life
That was a new love...