Owls and Snakes
Lay down their tone for good
Meandering frozen rivers and streams melt
Even living ice become breeze
Every dawn and noon in a folding of arms
Watching the blossoming white dove approach.

Tears and blood sign armistice
Stones and broken glasses apologise,
The outcry of feet and toe heard at last
Breaking the galaxy of toxic silence by a muse
Sobbing eyes no longer form a river down cheeks,
Hair falls no longer from the head.

Knives, Pangas and Machetes
No longer blood thirst,
White washed to paint walls and pots
Cats fight no more in darkness but embrace
Producing symphonies not sparks of fear,
Bakers and Chefs burned no more along the woven.

Lions and Antelopes bury the hatchet
Cow dung finally perfume for mosquitoes
Catapults pause in existence
Paving way to birds party and procreation
Now stand tall following the call, praying
That volcanoes of the world won’t sign my death warrant.