Parliament Hill Fields Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


ale as chinaA
The round sky goes on minding its businessB
Your absence is inconspicuousB
Nobody can tell what I lackC
Gulls have threaded the river's mud bed backC
To this crest of grass Inland they argueD
Settling and stirring like blown paperE
Or the hands of an invalid The wanF
Sun manages to strike such tin glintsB
From the linked ponds that my eyes winceB
And brim the city melts like sugarE
A crocodile of small girlsB
Knotting and stopping ill assorted in blue uniformsB
Opens to swallow me I'm a stone a stickG
One child drops a barrette of pink plasticG
None of them seem to noticeB
Their shrill gravelly gossip's funneled offH
Now silence after silence offers itselfI
The wind stops my breath like a bandageJ
Southward over Kentish Town an ashen smudgeK
Swaddles roof and treeL
It could be a snowfield or a cloudbankG
I suppose it's pointless to think of you at allM
Already your doll grip lets goG
The tumulus even at noon guards its black shadowG
You know me less constantN
Ghost of a leaf ghost of a birdO
I circle the writhen trees I am too happyL
These faithful dark boughed cypressesB
Brood rooted in their heaped lossesB
Your cry fades like the cry of a gnatP
I lose sight of you on your blind journeyL
While the heath grass glitters and the spindling rivuletsB
Unspool and spend themselves My mind runs with themQ
Pooling in heel prints fumbling pebble and stemQ
The day empties its imagesB
Like a cup or a room The moon's crook whitensB
Thin as the skin seaming a scarR
Now on the nursery wallM
The blue night plants the little pale blue hillS
In your sister's birthday picture start to glowG
The orange pompons the Egyptian papyrusB
Light up Each rabbit earedT
Blue shrub behind the glassB
Exhales an indigo nimbusB
A sort of cellophane balloonU
The old dregs the old difficulties take me to wifeV
Gulls stiffen to their chill vigil in the drafty half lightW
I enter the lit houseB

Sylvia Plath


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