If I die one day,
Don't let my past cast a shadow on those,
who wanna go high defying the lows,
tell them I wasn't weak to leave this world early,
I just couldn't hold the load and stooped quickly!

If I die one day,
Neither let my enemies know 'bout me,
nor my pals to look for me in glee,
tell my enemies that I've been more strong,
and to my pals that we still have an unbreakable bond!

If I die one day,
Let not the stashed memories be strewn out,
my last breath shouldn't be put into doubt,
tell them everyone's life is better than others,
some live it calmly and some long for only pleasures !

If I die one day,
Come to my grave and offer me those flowers,
who were once my tranquilisers during tough hours,
let my grave sing you your cherished songs,
which were once the way to keep us locked!