Far far from here I'm longing for a place,
Coveting to get it by god's grace,
Having the new aura being muffled,
The beauty residing will make me baffled!

The babbling sound of the water cascading down,
With the essence of the woods being nature's crown,
The chirping of the birds with fluttering of butterflies,
Far far from here that place will make everything arise!

Bewitching sight being less travelled by,
Feeling of psithurism with a deep sigh,
Oh! I am craving to take a glance,
Decathecting everything for some instance!

The pearl like drops plummeting from the blue sky,
And sliding down the leaves giving a high five,
Oh! what will be a beguiling view!,
Longing for walking on that as a new!

That place will offer anonymously the life I'm desiring,
Free me from torments and also everything tiring,
I hope for that lonely place to be mine,
Never losing it's hue it'll always shine!