Before it's late,
Let all your limits be vanished,
Shield yourself from being tarnished,
Be dared to accept all the challenges,
Before your soul from body unhinges!

Before it's late,
Enjoy every sunrise and sunset lavishly,
Gazing at the babbling water flowing smoothly,
Feel every drop of rain being fascinated,
And let the nature's mellifluous sounds be sated !

Before it's late,
Move out to listen to the rustling of leaves,
Letting all your agony be vanished along with grieves,
Feel the smooth blowing of the wind ,
And the greenery around that makes you bind!

Before it's late,
Admire everything you have a glance at,
Finding every little happiness near or apart,
Smell the essence of every now and then,
By appreciating the values you gain!

Before it's late,
Spare your minutes with your loved ones,
Just once cwtch them leaving no chance,
Share every moment lavishly,
Before you see tomorrow let you live today incessantly!