The more opportunities you give someone,
To be disrespectful towards you,
The more chances are there to lose respect for your own self.
The more you depend on others for getting respect;
The less, you start getting from one,
That is you...only you.

Never set the standard for others to be judged by,
Rather set yourself in your very own niche,
Make yourself available to you first,
Because nothing is important than
Like the feeling of being 'YOU'.

So, just be the one, who you are,
No need to prove to the world,
To be the perfect, in everyway,
Rather let the world accept us,
The way we are, they way we do.

It's when, you will be the one,
who you ought to be,
And the less chances will be there to get hurt,
And the more, you can ignore the dirt.

Because this world,
They intend to ignore the standard,
That you're set into, because they know,
Another chance would be awarded to you.

They don't have any qualms if they lose you
Do they??? Wondered why???
Because it's we, who had the fascinating idea of this presumption,
Of being pampered, being loved or being hatred
And that is where the inevitable comes.

Lest we take the charge of our own,
For being content with what we have,
They're not afraid to lose you
Because they know, no matter what,
you won't walk away
They get comfortable by the idea of getting away
Never let others to brush with you and go away
So, stay strong and be you.