A sun that shines most of the year
A summer that comes in time for Christmas
Hoe carrying women that till the land
Whore loving men who keep the economy turning.
People of various opinions who don’t give a damn who rules them

The vote comes, the vote goes
The same people steal the voice
Because none gives a damn when it’s all done
Life goes on all the same, even when the voice is gone
Still they believe, above sails the snitching drone

Yes, they force you to sing the freedom song
When in your heart you feel the chains clangor
And anemic tears of blood suffocate your ardor
Another term of politicking comes and concur
Still the masses keep their trust in the freedom charter.

Even as the life gets harder for the POVO
The politicians still feel the vibe to carry on
Stealing from the trust of the forlorn mind
Feeding from the lies of the profession
Enjoying the orgasm of the dirty game.

The revolution, they claim, is far from over
Another war will be fought, they threaten
Just to keep the people frightened
Intimidated, the masses will believe
In the lies that no one can ever lead a country fast falling apart.

The Zimbabwe that I know, was born of a true revolution
Led by true revolutionaries with souls that sacrificed
With ideals that cared for the people
And yes, the revolution has been usurped
By serpents of the dark corridors.

Now the vipers purr in their pagan psalms
Positioning themselves for the killer punch
No, no, no, the spirit of Zimbabwe will not allow
Cowards in steel cardigans and girdles
To take over the will of the people.

Zimbabwe, our Zimbabwe is not mortgaged
By an armed struggle we all partook
It is the jewel to grace our freedom head
It is our rain to cool the hot summers we endured
Our Zimbabwe, our house of stone.