Ignorantly innocent, foolishly adolescent
I met a girl, young and prescient
Innocently unaware of her inward florescence
I turned on the current of evanescence
That would serenade her bubbly heart’s torrent.

Yes, I was caught in a whirlwind of self-discoveries
Hanging on to short adolescent spasmodic reveries
Unaware of the battles ahead and future waggeries
I was turning to soul thuggery
Touching lives, turning out the lights, creating lifelong misery

Yes, I remember the journey, long and torturous
The unbearable loads, heavy and treacherous
Now they tap my desires porous
The skeletons left in my cupboard evil and sonorous
Shrieking and troubling the ears of my soul.

Yes, I was loving at the cost of my heart
Every tick of my aorta, patiently killing me softly
The memories of a rustic girl becoming distant dreams
And I am watching this gorgeous grown woman
Only a single tear drop can soothe my erring heart.