I question myself in my most solemn moments;
What is life worth, why do I live?
Yet people like me die every day,
I know my day shall come, but never guess when
The Man above makes the calls.
I envisage God, wonder how he looks
He made me in his own image
Yet I run away from his ideals
His tolerance is so much deeper
His heart higher than the sky
He is the most wonderful power I feel over me
He plans for me, what I go through
What I get to be, and be not
He shows me signs for my direction
And he gives me a fourth chance.
He is a magnificent planner,
For he overrides everyone else's plans
He is the ultimate voice.

I remember that day I ran into razor wire,
It tore up my face, sparing my eyes by luck,
He should have wanted me to see more of his world.
Then I got in that accident
From nowhere a car hit mine, at the right time to miss my door
I watched it fly through space
But it stopped on its wheels
I saw a shaken guy come out and run to me,
To say he was sorry a miracle.
There are so many miracles we live through,
We think of them as close shaves
How it's taken me so long and a whole lifetime
To realize the call from the Almighty
Telling me He got plans for me
Not a choice, but a must, I got to answer
Cause He may never let go
Before I do for His world
What He created me for.

I think of all those gone

I may not know how many times they’ve been called
But I don’t doubt they had their chances
In a way they never realized the roll call
And they got marked out
We moan for them, for their lost chances
For those things they never had the time to do
Not because they couldn't, they have no excuses
We feel sorry for them, we think their lives were cut short
When, life is never short, because you see every next day
What's your use to a world in need?
When you can’t do anything to make it a better place
Life is a dilemma, when, we don't do enough for it
But it's worth every minute when lived fully.