No War, No War-monger Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Sometimes it seems that the solution to all problemsA
Lies only into the pipes of gunsB
Sometimes my heart cries sayingC
'Mao Tse Tung Mao Tse Tung 'D
Sometimes it seems only the ammunition of cannonsB
And the long range missile will establish peace on earthE
When I get out of such illusion I get back myselfF
Then addressing myself I sayG
'Alas What's the poets' business with warsH
You are nothing but a poet whose only business isI
To create the tune of love into luteJ
By which tune men getting spell boundK
Will forget the warL
By which tune all the killers of men getting frenziedM
Will become men againN
How long will men cryO
How long will men fleep taking souls into their handsP
Like the deer chased by the wolfQ
How long will women and infants shout in fearR
Watching the death hillS
If men lose the chance to listen to poemsA
Civilization will turn into stoneT
If men lose the chance to listen to songsU
Earth will turn into hellV
If men fail to find out loveW
They will turn into the killers of menN
No war any moreL
Only love is needed on earthE
No war monger any moreL
Only innumerable poets are needed on earthE

Sayeed Abubakar
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 12/31/2023

Poet's note: Prose-poem


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Philip McAlary: Thank you for your poem. War is the game where old men play with the lives of the younger.

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