He was twenty,
She was sixteen,
Theirs was an arranged marriage,
He liked her but she was deeply in love with him,
She had a crush on him since chilhood.
Soon, they left for U.K to pursue further studies,
While he specialized in being a heart surgeon she joined the nursing profession,
They led a comfortable happy life and a bond of friendship and trust grew between them,
She never declared her love for him.
Several years passed,
Then one day he shattered all her dreams,
He had fallen in love with his patient's daughter,
He even brought the girl home to meet her,
Being Muslim if she gave her consent he wanted to marry her as a second wife,
She loved him so much she agreed.
He kept them both equally well,
He had three children two boys and a girl by his second wife,
She never conceived .
She never felt jealous and loved his children also,
They called her mama and loved her too.
When the children were about three, five and seven years,
There was a tragic car crash,
He and his second wife died on the spot.
She was heartbroken,
He had left everything to her and made her the lawful guardian of his children.
She had no will to live after his death,
But her unwavering love for him made her realize the children needed her,
She showered all her love for him on them,
She brought them up with good moral characters, confidence and strength.
And till she died at the age of eighty they never left their mama alone.