The beach was inviting,
A balm to my stressed soul.
The salty ocean air was impish today,
It hugged me and caressed my nape,
It even tried to lift my skirt above my knees but I held onto it tightly.
The little white waves came running towards me,
Giggling and splashing sea water over my toes and upon my ankles.
One large swell rolled me over and shouldered me under,
Drenched I played with the waves .
Soon I swam over to the bobbing boats to rest,
A seagull hovered over me before flying away.
Before the tide could recede I swam back to the shore,
I walked along the beach collecting shells which took my fancy,
The warm sand was delighted to feel my bare feet.
And as the sun went down the sky was splashed in peach and orange and purple colours,
The sun's warmth still lingered on me,
I decided to head home.