Inaudible voices,
Strumming inside my head
Like my favorite song on a stereo

Trying to transmit
Can you hear me?

Diaries of forgotten remembrances
Idling industriously in my lost conscience
Love once tore apart this sanctuary
And left my distributed halves
Concurrently in the scripts of eternity
To heal on my own or die living
And not even the imperial author
Could write me back to life
With the feather beneath his tongue
With which he enunciated the world to the existence
But I resisted cessation and encompassed esprit
In my state of lifelessness
I realized death was never the end
But rather the beginning
So I ended the birth of death
And began finishing the starting of the loop
Even though I understood
That history is a trumpet
Repeating every melodious and unpleasant chord
Into continuous keys that will
Permanently keep playing in our psyches
Like a symphony