Who is S Kojo Frimpong

I was born Samuel Eshun but I write under the pen-name S Kojo Frimpong. I am a product of Presby Secondary Technical School Larteh. I enjoy reading, listening and making music and also watching movies. My greatest influence is J.Y. Frimpong a Ghanaian Poet...
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S Kojo Frimpong Poems

  • There Comes A Time
    There comes a time
    Where I will talk no more
    My voice will echo yet unheard
    You can feel it in every whisper of the wind ...
  • Falling
    I am a portrait of you
    That's what kept flying through my ears
    Even before I learnt to walk or talk
    But each time I cast my mind back ...
  • Trying To Transmit
    Inaudible voices,
    Strumming inside my head
    Like my favorite song on a stereo
  • Velvet Skin
    You have cheated on me
    You enjoyed her in bed didn't you?
    She was better than me wasn't she?
    Don't just stare at me,answer me! ...
  • Friends With The Bottle
    Do you know why I drink?
    I drink because the bottle is my only friend
    It understands and comforts me
    It gives me hope and invites me to a world of my own ...
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In this mimic form of a matron in years,
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No dimness of eye, and no cheek hanging low,
No wrinkle, or deep-furrow-d frown on the brow!
Her forehead indeed is here circled around
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