If I die
I want to be buried in a thousand pages
Where my soul will be captured
On every leave like a portrait
On the walls of people's minds
And deep down across
The valleys of their hearts

If I die
Bury me not in a coffin
I want to be carried shoulder height
By a million words of
hatred and lust
kindness and evil
death and life

If I die
Bury me in a book
That never dies
Authored by JYF
So that my spirit will flag
Amongst the living ghosts
On the surface of earth
And beyond the deep blue skies
Floating on the dark seas

If I die
I want to be amongst those
Who live forever
With my soul lingering
In the hearts of people
I may be gone,but not my words
shall unceasingly flow
Through the past and future

If I die
I want to be carried away
By the humming of a million poets
Singing by the rivers of Babylon
As my soulless body lays to rest
By the still waters of Jerusalem and Jericho
Hear my voice echo
Silently each day and night
Singing of the bravery of great arts

If I die
I want to be buried under branches
With a billion pots
So the ink from my decomposed body
Can nourish it back to life,
Yield a billion treasure pots
And that tree shall be called poetry.