There comes a time
Where I will talk no more
My voice will echo yet unheard
You can feel it in every whisper of the wind
I will be a ghost in your dreams and nightmares

There comes a time
Where I will cry no more
My tears will form in the open skies
And pour as rain.
I will smoke and fill the air
With my fumes
And my smiles will be manifested
In the sun shine and glittering stars

There comes a time where you will see me no more
You will yearn for more of me
And get none of me
Except for my mortal remains
Which will turn to dust
In my tomb will you visit regularly
Only to one day see my scatred dried bones
Disappear right under your nose.

Now I am phantom
Scaring people in their dreams
And entertaining them in their night mares
Appearing in the whirl winds
And hiding in the shadows of the moon light

I will come from the opening skies
Amidst the sun and the moon
With the Stars blowing trumpets
And the birds singing melodies
And beating drums to announce my departure
I will no longer be your pet
Because I will command respect
From all who took me for granted.