Cracks And Wreckages Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Yesterday I decided to ruin my heartA
Upon all the cracks and wreckagesB
My bleeding heart has enduredC
I decided to roast it with a little more fireD
Whether to strengthen it or to take itE
Out of it's misseery for eternityF
I didn't have a clueG
It just happenedH
I reached for my lighterD
Opened the rizlerD
Poured in the herbI
Rolled it upJ
Started the fireD
Suffocated in the smokeK
And breathed it outL
The Drug was abusedM
As I turned the herb to weedN
I felt it boiling in my veinsB
Craving to take over my systemO
It started from justP
A simple light from a pieceB
And now my body was in piecesB
With every bit obeyingQ
The commandments of the most highR

S Kojo Frimpong
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/06/2020

Poet's note: This poem was inspired by one of the funniest and ukward moments that I ever had. I tried taking some herbs and the result was this poem. Instead of getting high and maybe sleeping or something I ended up weaving this piece out of that high state. Sometimes we just have to try something new in other not to be judgemental about others. Drugs is not a good thing to get yourself into but you can't point fingers at those involved if you haven't gotten into their shoes before


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