Do you know why I drink?
I drink because the bottle is my only friend
It understands and comforts me
It gives me hope and invites me to a world of my own
Apart from the bottle,every other person thinks
I am useless,worthless and unimportant
Nobody recognizes me at gatherings
They think I talk nothing sensible
Just because I don't see the impossible
I speak thrash, listen to my words of wisdom
Whatever that comes out of my mouth is nonsense
But it makes complete sense
Don't undermine because I don't think the way you do
I don't see things the way you do
Doesn't mean I am blind
You are blind to the fact
And to the truth, you are deaf and dumb
But I suffer less from such casualties
I am not visually impaired neither am I insane
I am the true definition of freedom
I do what I want when I want
I say what I want how I want
Never think I have no secrets, I have secrets but they are open
I see what you cannot see using binoculars
My eyes are microscopic
I see beyond the invisible
Thanks to my trusted friend
The only friend I have in this world
The bottles, not empty bottles
Empty bottles are useless,unless they are filled with the magical potion
The bottle is my friend