You got your seat
Without any drop of sweat
Relied on your grandfather
Your namesake
And full time provider.

Your platform of government
Was capitalized
On his exemplary service
Integrity beyond reproach
His sacrifice for the oppressed
Utmost care for the youth.

You succeeded
With lavishness
Excessive grandstanding
Amazed the people
With highfalutin words
That were all Greek to you.

Ancestor shed blood
To restore freedom
Burnt eyebrows
To frame people's rights
Built the foundation
Of the nation.

Encaged yourself in a crib
Made of glass
People could not approach you
Except your men in uniform
And women in pumps.

Ascendant ruled the country
In tranquility
Freedom from all oppression
Freedom from corruption
Abundance in life.

The leadership in you
Robs peace and liberty
Breeds laziness and poverty
Allows the corrupt
To manipulate
Drives the good people to seek refuge
In a far away country.

Your grandfather
Wished he was dead
The shame that you caused
To his name
Took him into his grave.

The people rise en masse
To take away the seat
They granted
Exact payment
For the wickedness they reaped.

They safeguard
Their beloved Motherland
Assure the future of the youth
Freedom from indolence
Freedom from corruption.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved