We are the fruits
Of two diverse merged trees
Adhered to a single branch
And joined by the same roots
That keep us fixed and united.

We shared life's ups and downs
Keeper of each other's childhood memories
And dreams
Rejoice in each other's talents
And gifts
The golden cords
For each other's life.

Side by side
We stood
The tests of life
That even the biggest storm
Cannot knock us down.

We both rowed
Our respective boats
To different destinations
But we always meet
At the end of the sail
Our common anchor
Our family.

Every now and then
We played our favorite game
The game of chess
To check on each other's strengths
And weaknesses.

We are glued
On each other's life
For our love and care
For each other
Knows no end.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved