I went to my friend's abode
A proud and mighty mansion
It got tons and tons of gold
Hanging in the chandeliers
And lots and lots of silver
Embedded in the kitchenwares.

My friend got millions
And countless of diamonds
Hidden in her safe
A sea of antiques
Her house is
Like a living museum..

Her room got its own fireplace
For wintertime
A motorised rippled curtain
That can be opened
In an instant
During summertime.

But in her heart
She felt like homeless
Of the wheel of sadness
And emptiness
In her life.

I live in a house
So old and tiny
Devoid of gadgets
And fancy furniture
Yet, I am
Absolutely happy.

I am just a simple person
With tons of gold
And lots of diamonds
Sitting at the bottom
Of my heart.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved