Some let their children fly
Free as the birds in the sky
Others spare the rod
A few left them on their own
Still others are always in between.

They weave their different ways of authority
In accordance with the thought
Where their love would be best served
Others complement the love of mothers
Still others want absolute authority
Over the family.

Some fathers, unfortunately
Renounce their rights
Give up as fathers voluntarily
Leaving their children to trail
The storms and darkness of life.

Oh, how lucky and happy
Those children who are sheltered
In the arms of their loving fathers
They could wrestle with life better
Knowing they have someone
To fall back on later.

Yet, we must always love
Our fathers no matter what
It is one of God's commands
We are not here by chance
We were all made
From a capsule of love
At a given God's time.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan- Austin, All Rights Reserved