Today marked the day
When they became one
In the eyes of God and men
Bounded by a cord
And a ring that has no end.

They promised
Their love and faithfulness
It has been written
In the core of their hearts
And imbibed
In the recesses of their minds.

Hand in hand
They passed the sun
And God's morning star
Seven thousand six hundred seventy times
The shooting star that landed
Before their very eyes
They made a wish to live together

For seven long years
Their bond has been tested
By the fires of adversity
And the storms of life
After which their love
Is likened to the strongest steel
Strengthened and molded
In the most difficult times.

But the mills of change
Grind slowly
And the vessel of love
Has been broken
The vows that they sworn
For each other have been breached
And the rings that signify
Love and fidelity for each other
Are never worn.

Their hearts where their love
Have been written
They keep a record
Of all their wrongs and treacheries
The faces that they love and adore
Each and every morning
They torment
Their very souls.

The day that they became
One flesh
It has been thrown
Into the vessel
Of forgotten memories.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan- Austin, All Rights Reserved