I am walking towards a formidable building
With walls encased with bricks and stones,
I see your maidenly form,
Standing tall with your glory.

Elevated above us,
A figure secluded with flowing robe,
A strong and mature woman
Installed right in front of the Justice Hall.

As I gaze into your blindfolded beauty,
I ask thee;
Will the scale in your left hand
Tilt towards me?
Will your right hand strike me
With your double edged sword?

I am just a little guy:
No money,
Not even a single penny.
No real property or personal property,
No family,
Except the Lord Almighty.

How can I win this battle?
It is a clash of wits,
Gold and guns.
My opponent is fully equipped
With an array of legal luminaries,
While I, being a destitute man,
I am defended with one.

I am nobody.
But I will present my case:
With indisputable evidence,
Without fear,
Imbued with ardor,
Leave no stone unturned,
That they may weigh,
Know, consider and understand,
That I am innocent.

And if the Blindfolded Woman
Tilts her scale of justice
Favorable to my adversary,
Metes out justice
Through her sword against me
She then pierced
The very piece of me.

But I shall not be deterred.
I will fight!
As long as blood
Flows in me.
As long as this heart of mine
Never falters to beat.
As long as there is a strand of hope
That flickers in the
Darkness of the night.

I will appeal my case
To the One Above,
The Final Arbiter
Of all.

In Him, I am sure
The verdict will be in my favor.
For I am innocent.
He is God of Justice
He will not punish the righteous
He will not acquit the wicked.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved