One fine morning
I went to a fish store
And bought tropical fishes
In their brightest striking hues
Blue, yellow, red and orange.

I kept and displayed the fishes
In our fifty gallon aquarium
The aquatic creatures
Created aesthetic appeal
In our living room.

The elegant sway of their bodies
As they swim swiftly
And synchronously
Brings fun and happiness
As if I am traveling
In the majestic seas.

The sun has set its glory
And the bright moon appeared
With its glorious beauty
Its light seared through the window
And illuminated the fishes
Guiding them as they move
Within the confines
Of a mere glass box.

Sadness overcomes me
And now I am having
Two opposite views in my mind
I am happy seeing the fishes everyday
In a glass box
Yet I am wracked by guilt
Of robbing their precious home
And abusing their treasured freedom.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved