I traveled the world
For eighteen long years
Wrapped in the arms
Of loving parents
The sail was smooth
That made life
Worth living for.

They led me
A sheltered life
That they certainly know
The murmurs
Of my heart
Even the deepest secret
That lurks inside.

Today has come
For me
To be emancipated
Away from the clutches
Of their authority
Yet, I am
In quandary.

Glad that
I can walk alone
The path of life
Without a cane
And make a mark
Of my own.

Still my heart
Is fretful
And afraid
That I might not
Make on my own
All alone.

But, my loving parents
Have imparted
A fortune:
A discipline
Solid as a rock
That I can hold onto
For life.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved