When I was four
I used to tell my grandmother
'' Who cares about ghosts,
My mother is a ghostbuster.''

I was in Grade one
When I bragged to everyone
''Who cares about the storm,
Lightning and thunder
If you are with your
Fearless mother.

Time flew by so fast
I was in Grade six
And I said,
''Who cares about the bullies
My mother is always at my side.''

My mother told me;
''Bullies are weak persons
Hiding in their own fears
Take them on
Face on
Head on.''

I did what she said
And formed them
As a crown
To adorn my head.

I was eighteen
And I began
A mark of my own
A hardball was thrown
I felt like a loose bouy
Drifting out of the ocean.

My dear mother
Was right there
Hold me more than any treasure
In the world
Kept me safe from the tides and waves.

She forewarned me
That blustery wind
Is yet to come
And she encouraged me
To be firmly anchored.

Her thinkings
And teachings
I always wear them
As diamond pendants
For my necklace.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan - Austin, All Rights Reserved