I always gape
At your giant pyramid peak.
How you got that tall?
Did God
Blow on you?
I envy you.

You are a wonder
That people adore.
You can reach the star.
Your sky-high beauty
Is shouting
You conquered the world.

You towered in isolation.
Living things in your territory
Succumbed to your greatness.
How can I reach you?
I want to explore
The mystery in you.

I wish to be like you.
But how can I,
I was born of lesser qualities.
When I look at you,
You always remind me
Of how small I am.

Though I will strain
All my energies and intellect,
And even I will cry
For mercy,
Under no circumstances,
Could I ever
Ever conquer you.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved