They usually say
You are not that pretty
Short flat nose
Wrinkled face
And eyes that are dark and buggy.

But to us
You are a beauty
Your unique and comical features
Set you at par
With everyone
In the canine family.

We saw you from a breeder
You have many siblings
And it was difficult to choose
From a litter
Of pug puppies.

But you like to show off
And came to us by surprise
Looked at us
With your globular eyes
That were full of fire and smiles.

We were so excited
We carried you
Your square and compact body
Fitted into ours
It warmed us inside.

Your creamy thick coat
Shed heavily
The glossy small hair
Stuck into our velvety
Black dresses
And turned them
Into salt and pepper.

We took you home
And named you Annie Fifi
You are so good friendly
Like the sunburst
You shine through our hearts.

No one could ever surpass
The loyalty and protection you gave us
Every waking moment in our lives
We felt safe
By your side.

Now you are old
Mostly blind and deaf
Your time is near
Towards its end
And still you brighten
Our days.

If you could feel our hearts
You will surely know
That all we want
Is what is best for you
To make your world
A happy place.

Annie Fifi
A family
You are a great blessing
From the one above.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved