A Country Boy To The Core Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My husband is a country boyA
To the coreB
When we are in the cityC
He is going crazyC
He is always yearningD
For the countryC
When we are at homeE
He fills the four cornersF
With country songsG
From Garth BrooksH
To Johnny CashI
He comes and goes at all hours of the dayJ
And even late at nightK
He goes outside a zillion timesL
Our door has always been crackedM
It has been repairedN
A million timesL
Squirrels roaming aroundO
Going up and downP
Along the trunksQ
Of the maple treesR
His eyes are fixatedS
As if he had seen themT
For the very first timeU
He always peeks through the windowV
Looking for feathered friendsW
When he hearsX
That chirp and tweetY
His green eyes become brightK
And sweetY
At nighttime he ardently waitsZ
For the moon to pour outA2
Its gloryC
And the sequin silver starsB2
Flashing and dazzlingD
The grand skyC2
One night he stayed outsideD2
For the longest timeU
When he came insideD2
The house I told himE2
He can now marryC
The moon and stars aboveF2
Copyright Rose Marie Juan Austin All Rights ReservedG2

Rose Marie Juan Austin


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